Is it weird my ex talks to me everyday, mostly about my dating life?

So the subject says it all. I dated this girl for 4 months. We had a pretty nasty breakup...mostly her sending me random messages about being with other guys. I ignored her...she got p*ssed and wanted a truce between us. I said OK. She started a serious relationship with some other guy. I have been dating multiple girls.

That is the current situation. Ever since she wanted the truce, she texts me all the time. Like all the time. And when we have a conversation, I usually end it by not responding to her. then an hour later she texts me again about something. And most of the stuff she wants to talk about is my dating life. WTF?


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  • She still has feelings or she wants some kind of closure.

    What about you? Do you still have feelings for her? Do you want continued contact? If so, you'll have to find a way to let her know, but I think it's a very bad idea.

    Truthfully, it doesn't sound like you want to continue contact with her, soooooooo...

    I don't see any harm in being direct and asking her why she is still in contact, why she wants to know about your love life or why she tells you anything about hers. Also be direct and say you'd prefer a clean break with no further contact, you are seeing other women and it is disrespectful to them to respond to her. Also, it's disrespectful to her new guy for the 2 of you to be in such frequent contact and you are not comfortable taking part in that. Let her know that if there's anything she needs to discuss to get closure, bring it up now since there won't be any further contact. Then do not reply to any further contact after that (and there will be, trust me).

    • Honestly I would never be in a serious relationship with her again. She dumped me for stupid reasons. I wouldn't mind being with her in a sexual relationship, but obviously that probably isn't happening anytime soon. I will take your advice. Thanks

    • Even if there's any chance it could ever possibly happen, I STRONGLY recommend you do NOT have a sexual relationship with this type of person - it will NEVER be a no-strings-attached situation - there will be serious drama!

  • Cut all communications with her, as long as you keep on responding back to her calls and texts she will see that you are always going to answer her back.


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