Im kind of just venting here but feedback is always nice I guess?

so i text my ex merry chirstmas, wished him and his family happy holidays told him i have been thinking of him. it wasn't a horrible break up it was my first real relationship and i was nervous but i broke it off i felt we were looking for different things but we both had serious feelings about each other and we remained friends for about four months after then he started seeing someone else and stopped talking to me. i felt i needed to let him be happy so unfollowed him on social media but its been 5 months since weve talked he's no longer with her i feel like i screwed everything up he was the sweetest guy and we had so much in common id love to try again i feel like I've matured and done a lot of self analyzing and he's the person i care about most. i so badly want to tell someone that i text him but i know my best friend wouldn't understand and she'd be upset because it was hard on me after we stopped talking i messaged him on instagram and followed him on Christmas and he has yet to read the message but yeah im trying to not get really sad in case he doesn't reply or what not. just wanted to vent


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  • Never text your ex. I just don't see why that would be beneficial for either of you. Normally, I cut all forms of communication whenever I break up with someone. It's not realistic to have a failed relationship, and try to pick the pieces and start a "friendship" (which is again, highly unlikely). Messaging him is like having a needle stuck in your arms, and instead of getting rid of it, you sit around and wonder why it's not getting better. Right now, you're spending your time trying to try and build some form of relationship, and you're wondering why you haven't gotten over him.

    I know you shouldn't be criticized for how you feel, but you do need to put your well being in front of whatever you feel for this guy. You deserve to move on and be happy with yourself or in another relationship. The first step is moving on, regardless of whether or not you have had closure or not.

    Inspirational songs, spending time with friends, focusing on yourself. etc are good ways to start.


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