What gives my boyfriend the right to talk to me like s**t?

Why does my boyfriend of just over a year feel the need to talk to me like a piece of sh*t on the floor?
its been going on about 4 months, I've told him to stop, he said he would. i phone him today at midday (thinking he'd be awake).. he was still asleep. I asked if he wanted to do something nice today because neither of us have work, he just said 'meh maybe'.. he then hangs up. so i call him back, it goes to voicemail which means he's on the phone.. it finally gets through and he has a go at me for ringing him again? and says he's done and hangs up. so i call back asking what his deal is, and it goes to voicemail again.. he finally picks up and has a massive go at me denying being on the phone and tells me to fu*k off and that he's done.

Am i the only one here thinking there's someone else? He won't make new years eve plans ( god knows why ) i'm guessing because he has a better offer else where. He's knocked me down so much i'm no longer the person i once was. Why does he think its ok to talk to me like i'm absolutely nothing. i'm past the point of crying over him, he's not the person i fell in love with :(


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  • My important question is.. then why the f don't you break it up already, ignore his sorry ass and move on? You took all this crap from him for 4 months?
    You shouldn't let anyone treat you like this. You deserve much better than that idiot.

  • Nothing gives him the right to treat you like shit beyond him being an abusive prick. Leave him because you deserve better.

  • Nothing gives him that right.

    Stand up for yourself by not allowing this treatment.

    "How can you stand up for yourself?" you may ask.
    It seems as if your words are ineffective to him.
    I would distance myself from him, in efforts to show him that I am upset with the way he treats me. I resent it, and simply will not allow it.

    Tell him those things when he questions your absence.
    If he continues like this, you have to break up with him.

    You are not a doormat or a piece of shit.
    You are a wonderful woman worthy of respect.
    No one has the right to treat you in a condensing way.


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