My ex did me so wrong... How do I come back from this?

I’ve been with this man for a year... He's never showed me signs of unfaithfulness. I never knew he could be like this.
He breaks up with me the day after Christmas, saying his life is good. Then proceeds to tell me “Don’t be nice to men, make them earn everything they get.” I asked him for my matching keychain back, because I was going to be passing by his house anways. I should have asked for those $400 worth of Christmas gifts I purchased for him too.
He then tells me that he’ll have to see because he has to check on his baby momma, and he can’t wait till she has the baby in February. I’m like what? Baby momma, you have got to be lying…
This man was serious…and to make it worse, he told me he’ll hook me up with his cousin because he always hands his leftovers down to his cousin.
I'm really heart broken, I really thought he loved me... I should have known it was too good to be true.


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  • Cut contact with him completely and once for all. He's not worth your attention. He played you the whole time. Let's hope that one day he'll regret what he's done. Meanwhile, the best thing for you is moving on, you're way better off without him.


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  • This is one of those situations where it's best to handle disappointment with grace. Even if only for one minute, think with your head and not your heart then commit to a decision made by your mind and not your emotions.

    You should thank this guy for blatantly showing you that your life will be more beautiful without him. Because of the horrible way he has wronged you, you will know of a love much more outstanding, warm, and invaluable than he could have ever produced with what he's made of mentally. With this situation, he has proven to you that as a man, he does not have what it takes to satisfy a woman's soul and mind. When we're all 80 and our looks have faded, he won't have the heart to captivate a woman's interest. Understand that he was simply a placeholder and because of how he treated you, another man will outshine him in a way that you will treasure dearly.

    I believe in denying people of focus, energy, and thought if they are not worthy of it because it does wonders for your spirit and it's like a filtering system for your mind. This is the quickest route to harmony and peace. So with that said, delete and block him from everywhere. Exile him from your life. Do not give him the opportunity to be heard by you. From this moment on, choose to not even dignify him with a response after he dedignified you as a woman on various levels. This is a major act of self-care. Let him keep the gifts: it will only intensify his guilt one day after time does it's thing and he realizes how much he wronged you.

    • *cont.* Leaving someone with something positive to remember you with is extremely powerful especially if they have wronged you.

      Accept that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing then mourn the loss of an idea you built for the two of you. Give yourself one good angry, shocked, dramatic cry then choose to move forward and replace his toxicity with beauty. Rather than dating around and potentially falling into another trap of a wolf in sheep's clothing; fall in love with life. Prepare your body for this world by working out, gaining strength, and building endurance. Then treat yourself to a sexy bra and panties from Victoria's Secret. :) Throw your entire energy into things that make you happy and things that will benefit this world.

    • I've never seen someone take the time to write such an inspiring piece... Thank you so much.

    • @Asker :) awwwh, shucks! *blush* You are very welcome! Things will get better, I promise.

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  • Sorry, that's messed up. It should not take long to get over this ass.


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  • Don't worry about him. Don't met his cousin. Talk to other guys. Make a bunch of dates. Keep your mind off of him.


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