What is my ex trying to do? I pick Most Helpful! Please help?

Weve been together for 2 years and broke up a year ago, a clean calm breakup cause we were just not getting along anymore. He doesn't try to talk to me or see me, never goes out of his way to mend things, and weve both dated other people (no relationships though). And Im pretty sure were not getting back together since were both stubborn and heads up. But why do I always catch him STARING at me , when we occasionly meet at partys? Why did he come to my birthday party, that he didn't know anyone at (a camping night in bungalows) just to indirectly turn me down everytime I tried to sit next to him or open a conversation or get us alone (by answering me briefly moving to another room when we were alone etc...). I mean why bother come? why did he get angry when I forgot his birthday and talked to me about it? WE DONT TEXT. And for freaking sake why did he CALL me today and go like, you called? when I CLEARLY didn't call him. Not even by mistake. He said I whatsapp called him, but when I checked my recent call log, it had no signs I did


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  • I think that he just wants your attention. Perhaps he misses you now but is stubborn and arrogant to accept it and ask you out again. It will be good if you'd clear it out with him but the real question is that if you want him back, whether you still miss him. Ask him what he wants and tell him to be direct at once coz this might be his only chance to say something. Be polite and understanding coz he's stubborn as i can understand from here. If he acts rudely, then he's too arrogant to be in a relationship with you. Move on and tell him to leave you alone then.


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