Why does he want to get together again?

Boy that wants me back, that is. Okay, so beginning of January my ex dumped me claiming he wasn't ready for a relationship. After crying over him and all that crap, I figured, hey, I'm better without him. However, a few days ago he contacted me saying that he missed me and wanted me back. I asked why he changed his mind and he told me that his life wasn't the same without me. When I told my older brother about this, he'd told me that there was an 80% chance that my ex tried to get with some other girl after we broke up, but she turned him down and that was the reason he wanted to get back together. He also said that there was a 20% chance he was being genuine. Why does he want to get together again? Should I take him back?


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  • your older brother is right. that said, I'd say take him back, but see how things go. if he was genuine you'll know pretty soon.

    if you want him back, that is. if you don't... well, forget it. but that should be obvious.

    is he attractive though? yes, this matters.

    • Yes, he's attractive and yes, I kinda sorta want him back.

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