PLEASE HELP! Need honesty! Wondering why my ex boyfriend did this?

My ex boyfriend and I dated for 16 months. We broke up in May of 2015 and it is currently the end of December of 2015.. While we were dating he had posted 10 instagram pictures of the two of us and I also posted about 8 of the two of us. As soon as we broke up, I expected him to delete them but he never did so I never did.. Everyday throughout the summer I would check to see if he deleted them and he still didn't.. I thought that maybe he forgot he had them on his instagram profile so I had one of my bestfriends comment on one of them and he STILL didn't delete any of them.. I decided to give it a break and stop checking to see if he deleted them. Then about one month ago I saw something on social media that upset me about him so I deleted all of the pictures I posted on my instagram of us out of anger. About 2 weeks ago (early December) my friend commented on a picture of us and he still didn't delete any of the pictures of us even though he saw her comment. Today, December 28, 2015, about 8 months after the break up he deleted them. Why didn't he delete them 2 weeks ago when my friend commented? Is it possible that he noticed that I deleted mine so thats why he deleted his? I can almost guarentee that he didn't notice I did because him and I haven't spoken in months and we avoid eye contact almost everyday... Everytime I see him he is smiling and laughing with his friends. I feel as if he is completely over me and that he forgets about me and doesn't like me AT ALL but there's apart of me that wants to believe that isn't true. I help onto the fact that he still cared about me since he went 8 months without deleting his pictures of us and since my friend commented on them he still didnt!! I just dont get it


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  • Ha ha, if he was over you, he would say hi just as he does to everyone else. He avoids you because he isn't over you.

    -Now what that means is another story. He could be annoyed with you for some reason or afraid to talk to you for some reason. Who knows?

    • Have you tried talking to his friends, if you just happen to pass by them?

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    • I found out that he only deleted the instagrams of us because he saw that I did.. I agree his friends have effected him!!

    • Can you put those photos back on? Oh even better, XD LOL... if perhaps if you dont have those photos, Take a photo of him when you're near him, or turn your computer on that page with him and his friends and do a selfie with you smiling also, lol! , then put it on your instagram page... just to see if he sees it. I guess that would be kind of weird, but also kind of funny just to see what response would be.

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