My short story?

I would like share my short story.
I'm 44 now. it started when I was 20 usual thing met a girl after a couple of years moved in together, in the 20 years we where together she cheated on me three times. (I know what a fool) but it's hard when it`s happening to you easier to see thinks more clearly outside the box.
anyway third time she done it we finished. it destroyed me,
but I got over it.
I met a lady 2 years ago she was perfect I have never got on with somebody so well, always made me laugh and I made her laugh almost everyday. we had lots in common. she was an amazing lady, i was very lucky to be with her. then out of the blue 2 weeks before Christmas she ends it. no real reason I know what you're thinking another man, but no she's not like that.
it's absolutely destroyed me physically and mentally.
I know deep down things will get better in time.

why do we do it to ourselves?


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  • Uhhh. .. life socks I suppose. Just keep looking, there are so many amazing people out there and letting them into your life could bring you awesome things and opportunities.


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  • nothing.. Sometimes you should accept the life :/


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