Would a respectable woman ever date him?

date or consider dating a man who had dumped their previous girlfriend during her (twin) pregnancy? Oh and he lives with his parents and they all take care of the babies, but when I have them, plus my 3 year old, I do it alone. I mean I know I can handle it, but that's besides the point...Works a part time-ish job, with only high school under his belt...and no ambition or drive to make any positive more mature steps for his and his children's future?

So, would any respectable girl ever consider him a good catch...

Just curious, since my ex who did that said he wants to be single for a while...

thanks. :)


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  • Would a respectable woman ever date a guy like that? She shouldn't!

    Unfortunately, a douche move like that coupled with his bleak future seems to be a lightning rod for women to come-a-running. This d-bag probably gets more ass than a toilet seat and the fact you even had to ask this question leads me to believe you'll back with him by week's end.

    These men are the reason women exclaim "all men are dogs!"

    When this is the type of guy so many of you CHOOSE to date exclusively, I guess that exclamation isn't far off because that's the only men you know.

    These d-bags are too stupid to know any better but I think the women that constantly chase after them aren't. Wise up ladies.

    • You are right... but I'm afraid I may be the only girl out there willing him to love him the way he wants to be.... I'm sure even if he is getting ass, he's getting it by beening completely wasted and hardly any conversation.... Not how I want to be loved...I'm not chasing anymore. thanks.

    • Oh and I'm sure he'll pull the, "well, at least I'm a good dad." line.......

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  • NO! Did your ex dump you while you were pregnant with twins? I hope he wants to be single. Whether, he likes it our not; he will be single. Who would date such a person?

    • Yes he sure did....I was 20 weeks pregnant and because he is young and not fully aware about how crazy a lady can get during this time.... he took it all personally and told me he felt abused.... yes he wants to be single... but I sure hope you are right.... cause I know if I was the one that he told the story to, I would walk the other way... thank you.

    • Young is not an excuse. He felt abused; how did he think you felt when he walked out? She's going to walk away; because, he's pathetic. You're lucky to be rid of him.

      ~These are my fiancee words, but I completely agree with her.

    • Awe thanks guys! I like to hear opinions of others to reassure myself of what the general concensus would be. but you know what's sad, is I've been wanting to try to work it out with him ever since we broke it off officially, but he chose this route... But if you get back what you put in, then I am looking good.... him, not so much. Pathetic... describes him pretty well.... Thanks again guys.

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  • No, that's not sexy that's not attractive and that's not hot. Girls are attracted to guys who have goals to better themselves, guys who are smart, guys who actually have a great future ahead of themselves.

    • I'm with you....like hearing the reassurance.... But I am sure he would eventually play the "I'm a good dad cause I'm involved" card....

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