Why did he text?

so i had a fight with my now ex because he lied, basically cheated. we were long distance. as soon as i found out and told him, he blocked me. i went a little cray and continued to call and stuff from apps for that day. after that, he unblocked me but didn't say anything. i called and texted one last time and then i stopped. i guess i needed to let it all out even if it was a little crazy on my part. I assume he's with the other girl now.

a couple days later, my area got hit with some pretty bad weather. he texted me telling me to be safe and to let him know if i needed anything.

he did not mention ANYTHING about our argument and what he did. i did not text back. why text me then? will he continue to text me?

i just need some insight into the male brain here! lol


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  • unfortunately, that person knew your weakness (you love him). so he try to control and justification that nothing happened to get you back to his life (temporarily) (like if nothing work out there, I'll come back to you... a backup plan)

    what's you gonna do? continue lie to yourself that everything will be okay again?
    just get rid of him, cuz life is not long to try everything and not short to remember everything, just make yourself happy and ignore everything hurt

    Good luck...

  • Because he can 💁🏻


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