What is with my ex? it's been years?

My ex girlfriend from like 4 years ago calls me and emails me every so often, probably once or twice every few months & just to be nice I reply. We broke up amicably & mutually. We have a couple mutual friends & she was really close with my mom but obviously when we broke up we all drifted apart. A couple months ago she contacts me again to tell me she's getting married. I'm happy for her blah blah but I honestly um don't care. I congratulated her & she invited me but I felt it would be kinda awkward between the groom & I. Her & I are water under the bridge but nonetheless I didn't feel comfortable going. Every now & then she keeps in touch & I want to ask her why but she's super sensitive and what not so I don't go there.

Girls, ladies, women out there, I just want to know what's up? Why does she even bother to keep in touch? She's married & yet she calls to make small talk & I'm just not that rude guy to say um yeah why are you calling me again? I also don't know if her husband knows she keeps in touch with me. It's not like she talks about anything important or flirts it's dumb stuff & half the time I don't really have anything to say to her. I'm with the girl I'm in love with & she's married so it's pointless for her to keep on especially when I don't go out of my way to contact her. I mean by now it's kinda like yeah being nice is great but now she's just over doing it I think. Of course only she really knows what her intentions are but I guess I'd just like some incite. I'm sure some of you have been in this position before.

please help me understand. what is WITH my ex?


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  • You have set your gender as female on this question, but I think you're a guy. If you want girld to answer, then change your gender to male and perhaps spell-check the post.


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