Every time my girl and I argue or come to a simple disagreement. She tells me to pack my shit and leave. Should I?

If you have questions to ask to get a better understanding please just ask in a comment.


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  • I honestly think you should. Like, it is a horrible thing to tell someone they need to leave your life and you don't say that to someone you really care about. She clearly knows it's something she can hurt you with so she's okay with hurting you and that's not okay either.


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  • Some clarifiacation would be nice ie what the argument is the frequency, tone etc. If it is frequent and aggressive for little arguments and especially if it comes with insults and verbal attacks then yes, you should. It might be necessary to leave if for no other reason then to let her know what you think of the situation and how she treats you. Though I would say first and foremost you talk it out if at all possible before resorting to those kinds of tactics/ultamatems.

    • Arguments are always over something small and petty. For instance making our son a bottle I was shaking the bottle milk came out and she said you might of screwed the cap in at a angle I pointed out the nipple was the wrong one for the bottle she took it and shakes it. Milk flys everywhere so while she is still shaking I grab the bottle to stop the milk rain. And I just switched caps. She yelled at me with a attitude you did have to snatch the bottle. I said sorry babe just Sebastian is crying and your spilling milk everywhere. She mocks me in a " retarded voice " like you do when you fight with your siblings and your 6 years old. Etc.. Well yeah its a bunch of stuff like this.

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    • I will talk to her about it when she is calm.

    • Thanks for the MHO, I hope things work out for you.

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  • It sounds like emotional abuse it's not healthy

    • She keeps threatening you as a way of a form of control because she knows it will hurt you

  • Sometimes when people are angry and hurt they say and do things totally out of character they can become irrational , but then feel full of guilt and regret everything's they've said after they've calmed down. That doesn't excuse her behaviour though. I guess it makes you feel emotionally unsafe when she keeps telling you to leave.

    Tell her how it makes you feel, if she believes she'll lose you if she continues to keep threatening you like that... then maybe it'll shock her into changing and responding in a different way. 😊


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  • If you have to ask then you know the answer. Speak to a lawyer first about the possible parental repercussions. Follow the advice, note times, dates and what's been said. It's an up hill fight for a Father's rights. So getting all your ducks in a row before leaving is very wise. If you can, try installing a Nanny Cam with your woman's permission. Tell her it's for the child's safety. That way you can get video proof of her out bursts that will help, should this lead to a court battle. And as long as she gave her permission she can't say she didn't know she was being recorded.

    • Great advice !! Never thought about the nanny can :).. Wait so technically you can't audio/video record without letting someone know or permission. So are baby monitors technically illegal. Lol

    • Recordings can be tricky from a legal sense. Nanny cams and monitors fall under child welfare/concerned parents laws I think. But it's harder for her lawyer to argue her case if she knew about the monitor.

  • Every person has their own method of arguing. Some people are offensive/defensive, while others accuse or try to defuse. The way a person argues is very hard to change.

    You appear to have hitched a girl who is very offensive and defensive, and the only way she knows to resolve an argument is to tell you to leave. In all honesty, you should go. The type of girl she sounds like, is one who will always fight to the last straw because she is too stubborn and proud to admit defeat. She is willing to self-destruct the relationship rather than apologize or try to de-fuse the situation. Such people will be angry their entire lives and never find long-lasting loving relationships. If you want a relationship that is constantly filled with arguments over nothing important, then stay.

    • You sir are very right! She is stubborn and she never difuses a argument. Or look at it in a 3rd person p. o. v to see how petty it is.

  • Do it and see what happens. However, be prepared to end it if you do. Sometimes, you have to call people's bluff.

  • Call her bluff, but, be ready for her to move on


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