Ex boyfriend problems and dreams?

Okay, so my ex boyfriend and I had marriage and children plans. We had to end it because we were teenagers and our family was ripping us apart and threaten us with jail. Soo anyway, it's been 5 years. He found a fuck Buddy got her pregnant and married her to do the right thing. He's miserable. He tells my dad he rather be with me.. But I accept he's married and try to move on. REAL PROBLEM:
i see him everywhere ( malls and stuff but it's not him), I think of him and smile, dream of him every night, I always replay memories. I don't mean too! Someone know how to help me? Is there a reason for not being able to let go? Help..


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  • Start dating. Anyone. It'll help you move on. And tell him to stop contacting your father.

    • I have dated. Even seriously it didn't work :/

    • Keep dating.

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