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Just want to scream! My best friend, love of my life. One min we are cool and randomly next minute she is deleting me off social media. I am not longer going to accept her request on social media. I was nothing but good. New Year's Day would have been 2 years. I planned on proposing to her this year at midnight. Now I will be alone thinking of the good times. I don't understand, she told me started to miss me after Thanksgiving. Told me on Christmas her family missed me. Then random alt deleted me off Facebook.

Just st want to hide away for years and be over this. Hate this feeling!


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  • Aww does she suffer from depression? Do you the reason for her acting that way?

    • Not really I don't think. One time she felt she didn't love me then stared crying later saying she don't know why she felt that. Then wen on talking about how she thinks she needs counciling. But nothing came of it.

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    • Thank you much. Really needed someone to chat with. :)

    • No problem 💕 😊 xx

What Guys Said 1

  • Just try not to think about it, date around, pick up a new hobby.

    Get off her social media crap.

    • I do my best. I have not reached out to her first at all since our break up 4 months ago. She is the one who randomly text me or even show up at my house.

    • If she reaches out try to make a date, if she is intrested then she will agree. If not move on

    • Yes. I thinking just completly letting go needs to happen

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