What is my ex boyfriends problem?

So my boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me almost a month ago because he believed a relationship was not his best interest and I deserved better but still wanted us to be friends. It was a very emotional break up for the both of us. However, according to his friends he told them that I was smoothering him and had trust issues (Issues we have had in the past) not true. So a week after the break up we met up and talked and his whole attitude towards me had changed (he was cold and distant) and he refused to work things out and he contiuned to lie to my face about his whereabouts and the true reasons for our break up. So that night I decided to cut all ties with him, I deleted him off of fb, I deleted all of our pictures, I told him I was moving on with my life and to delete my number. First he kept callling and messaging me and I ignored him but eventully he agreed. So almost two weeks later he text me to wish me a merry Christmas and I text him back just being nice because it is Christmas lol The following day he apologizes for hurting me, insisted on still being apart of my life and wanted me to come over to have sex! I cursed him out and we began to argue about issues we had in the relationship and eventually he just says bye! After that he unfollowed me on instagram. I realized afterwards he most likely was trying to get under my skin but my thing is if you broke up with me and you are done with me why be friends and why continue to bother me?


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  • sorry for what happened. he already knew that you're love him, but no matter what happened, you've to decide what you want and what you need, not what he wants or needs. you just need a break from love to arrange your priorities and fix messy things in your heart. don't be sad if someone gone from your life, whatever the nature of the current situation which you going through, life will keep going and won't stop for him.

    everyone wants a happy ending, but life is not based on knowing what will happen next, but to accept changes and to take advantage of the best of the moment without knowing what will happen to you then...

    cut him off and give yourself space to deal with your feelings and everything will be ok

    Good luck...


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he only saw what he had when it was no longer his. Makes sense? Maybe he got tired of your everyday relationship and wanted something new but then when he had the new he wanted to be back in the old relationship. If you ask me he is an arsehole.
    Sorry for bad English and weird sentences by the way


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