Why does he hate me?

Why is he so nasty after the break up. No matter what I do he's angry.

If I don't go along with what he wants he's angry

When I do what he says he's angry.

When I apologise and try to find out why he's acting this way he's angry.

When I give him space and go nc with him I get angry messages.

He dumped me told me to move on and date other people and he was over me. When I try to move on he's angry.

Why is anger the only reaction I'm getting out of him.


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  • you're asking the wrong question, the right question is "why I'm not happy"?
    simply you're not happy and you won't be happy, cuz you leave the priority for others to choose for you to be happy or not. what do you looking for in that relationship?

    kick him out of your heart and Ignore all what harm you
    don’t let who refuse to love you keep you away from your life, dreams, your friends and your family. spend time with those who make your world a little brighter simply by being in it. someday you'll either regret not doing so, or you'll say, “I’m glad I did.

    Good luck...

  • I see two options for you here.
    1 call him and just go off on him about the sh! tty way he treats you. It's absolute uncalled for and totally unacceptable.
    2 block every avenue he has to communicate with you and do as he said... Walk away

    • I did this last night and he told me he didn't care about me, doesn't miss me.
      He had asked me to be friends with benefits and it was the last straw.

      Standing up to him makes things worse.
      I love him but all he does is make me miserable and puts me down.

      I apologised for what I said last night and he called me mental and started swearing at me and called me a dick.

    • In all honesty young Lady you would save your self a lot of heart ache to get this guy out of your life perminantly. Sure it will hurt for a while then it will get better. But as it is now it will continuously hurt you through his actions

  • Do you have children together?

    • No children, I just really love him.

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    • I have been open with the guy I'm dating, I was even talking to him tonight about what happened because I was so upset.

      He's been supportive but I guess there's only so much he can put up with, and it isn't fair on him.

    • A new guy will try to be patient for a while, but resentment builds and patience comes to an end, and then the relationship comes to an end. You probably won't have any warning before it gets to that point. Stop looking back and start looking forward. Let this new guy feel that HE is the important one in your life.

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