Why would the ex who did the breaking up be the one who is bitter and angry?

My ex broke up with me almost a yr ago. Basically we broke up, tried to reconcile, but he wanted me to move back in with him and I refused until I saw some changes. Shortly after that he broke things off found another girl and got married.

We still see each other bc of our son and he looks at me with hate and disgust. The thing is that I really dont care about how he feels about me, but when he does things with my son, that causes issues. My son was having issues today with his breathing. I took him to the doctor and they said he needed a nebulizer and albuterol. I had to call my ex's mother bc my ex will not respond. I needed the insurance in order to get his medication at the pharmacist bc they didn't have the right info. on file.

She basically was giving me the run around and coming up with every reason not to give my son's insurance info, so finally I just gave up.

Also 2 wks ago, I was coming down stairs around 6 in the evening to take out garbage and my ex and his mom were outside my apt. complex driving around. Wheneve I spotted them all of a sudden his mom was like "Oh there you are, I just wanted to make sure you knew the custody arrangement for this wk." I was like I was aware. The entire time my ex was just looking down in his phone.

He is like this every time we meet. Always angry and bitter. I dont get it bc he is the one who has married but cannot look past things for our son. I do not desire a relationship with him at all, dont call him or text him.

Recently i got a new car and when i came to pick up our son, he was glancing at my new car up and down. He is 32 and I am 28.


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  • It may be time to call him out on his behavior, for the sake of your son.

    He needs to grow up and move on. There is certainly some resentment, but as for the cause... your guess would be better than mine. But regardless of how he feels about you, it should not get in the way of raising your son. Some people are simply too selfish to understand this, and they lack the ability to reflect on their own selfish behavior.

    You need to lay it out for him, and if this leads to an argument, then so be it. Tell him straight up that you are not hanging around for your ex's sake - only your son's sake. And that when you call, it is for your son's well being, not to check up on the ex. And that if he doesn't answer the phone when you call, he's harming his own son - not you.

    You do not need to criticize him on his behavior. You only need to state what his actions are doing to his child, and the result of his resentment and bickering will have on your son's future well-being.

    When children are raised in a broken family, there are consequences as that child grows up. You cannot change this situation now, so you must make the best of it. The best situation for a child in a broken family is to NOT have the kid's parents constantly fighting and acting resentful towards each other... especially in front of the child. Even if the kid isn't around, I'm sure he's aware enough to know his parents hate each other. He will grow up thinking this is normal, and this will influence his future relationships when he grows up.

    All because the two of you couldn't get your act together.

    Even if you feel it's his fault for this, it takes 2 people to raise a child.


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  • he wants you to be unhappy without him. for whatever reason. he probably still hasn't fully moved on and is bitter because you have.


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