My ex wants me to text him but refuse to text me back?

me and my ex dated for almost three years and broke up two weeks ago. we have decided to remind friends which is just great but for the six months coming we are going to keep our distance from each other. when I last spoke to him he told me that he wanted me to check in on him sometimes. just text him... and I told him to do the same but he refused. I don't get it?

And if I want to get back together or anything else. I need to ask him out... I know I won't do any of these things. I will just move on...

yes I broke up with him...


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  • sorry for what happened. you're insulting yourself by staying with that person and you gave him the option to be his babysitter? Lol
    don't worry about his thoughts (worthless)... what really matters is what you think on your own.
    throw him out of your life and cut communication, cuz you need to learn a lesson from the past, not to look back.

    Good luck...


    Makes no sense. I would block him and move on.


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