My boyfriend is amazing, but I feel I have lost the spark?

I met my boyfriend when i was 13 at school, and was interested in him for three years (16). though we where never together at that time i still felt very attracted to his "badboy" attitude. after that i thought it was all well and dandy, but i did miss him sometimes. we didn't meet before i was 18 and he picked me up in his car one night when he was just driving around with his friends, and coincindentily i was drunk walking down my street beeing harrassed by some scary men. it really felt like it was fate when he "saved" me from those men. since then we later turned friends and the friendship developed into a relationship. i really do have a deep love for him. when he laughs, makes jokes, smiles, takes care of me, or just is i always feel like i have this deep love for him. but im afraid i never saw myself growing older with him, and i regret to say, i constantly have this feeling of guilt whenever i am with him because i dont think he is the love of my life, though i love him, and he keeps talking about many years in the future. i dont know how to explain it better than this...
so, should i break up with him, or stay?
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  • Take a Small BREAK Instead here, dear. This way you can find out if Missing the Kissing just may be the Trick of the Trade. By making a clean Break, you may end up regretting this.
    In taking your time and space, which you need to explain to him that you need right now, if you find that you are contented in being a free bird instead of two birds of a feather who may not always stick together, then sit him down and Together.. Come to some sort of compromise where you both don't have to lose something special that you have found and is not easy to find.
    You may have outgrown him some, been wanting some time for yourself and maybe even want to see Others because you missed out on this as well. But there is only one way to know and that is to focus on yourself for awhile so you know what is best from the rest to do.
    You also are feeling an Obligation in what happened many moons ago and with this, a certain strings attached that you are afraid to break away from because you fear here, dear, you will hurt the best thing that will probably ever happen to you in your own life in this lifetime.
    However, as Glenda told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz: "You had to find out for Yourself... You would not have believed me."
    Good luck. xx

  • If you feel like he's not a long term prospect it's better and kinder to end it sooner rather than later.

  • Losing the spark in a relationship gradually happens over time it happens when you feel content and happy with someone. The spark is what you feel at the beginning of the relationship. As the spark lessens your love for the person usually deepens. That's why some people jump in and out of relationships because they love that spark at the beginning of the relationship.

    Sometimes when people grow as a person they grow apart. Maybe that has happened to you. Don't make a rash decision when you feel indecisive, because that can lead to regret.

    He obviously loves you to bits so it would be sad to throw that away , but it would also be unfair to both of you if you don't really want to be with him. He'd be clinging to false hope... he deserves honesty, and someone who is looking for a furture with him. You also deserve to be with someone who you want to spend your life with.

    If you decide you don't want to be with him it's best to be honest. Honesty will hurt him, but lying to by keeping him holding on to false hope willl destroy his trust.


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