Why do I miss my ex now?

This is a tough one. I met my ex back in 2009 online. We talked as friends for 3 years and decided to be more.. She lives in Texas and me Indiana. Now without telling my whole life story, I wanted to get away from the bs of my life so far so I moved down there. No feelings whatsoever. I spent 2 and a half years with her. She gave me her heart! Lots of things happened through that time, I was a jerk, she snored, etc. We ended up arguing like crazy. It didn't work out. I finally gave in and moved back home. 6 months later I thought of her, (I kinda never stopped thinking about her lol spend 3 years with someone and you'll understand) and for the past 6 days I can't stop thinking about her, I keep going through the time in Texas in my mind. I can't focus. Am I just insecure or am I going through the you don't know what you have til it's gone thing?


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  • i live in indiana... and i wouldn't move here lol. but yeah, when people look back on their past relationships, they tend to focus on JUST the good times. however, seeing how (according to how you explained it) you were the one at fault, it makes sense that you are realizing how good you had it. and sometimes you're with the right person at the wrong time... maybe youve grown up and you are worthy of her love now, if you're lucky and she gives you another chance.

    • I definitely agree with most of what you said but I do not want her back. It's strange.. as soon as I posted this question, I started to feel better. I think I just miss the companionship of being in a relationship. Yeah Indiana sucks lol

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  • I think if you are having strong feelings again for her you should contact her. You won't know unless you ask. Don't be afraid to tell her how you feel. Women are more emotional than men, so don't be afraid to be a little vulnerable with her. Give her a call. Just my opinion of course.


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