Is there a chance for us?

So she broke up with me. I said okay and hung up. Over the next couple of weeks I would reach out to her. Most recently I text her mom and asked if she thought we had a chance to get back together. Her mom said no, but she thought her daughter was dumb for dumping me. I had wrote the woman an email pouring my heart out. Told her to respond if she had an interest in getting back together. She responded about 6 hours later and said she needed time to think about it. 24 hours later she wrote me a long email saying she couldn't. Her mom forwarded the messages between us to her and she text me back saying there is no chance and she is not in love with me anymore. I feel like this woman is my soulmate and the woman I am supposed to marry. I didn't cheat on her, gave her unconditional love and am the exact opposite of her other relationships. I am 30, she is 34. We both have children. Any advice or opinions on whether we have a chance of getting back together?
We dated for 7 months. We met each other's children. I took her and her son to my parents house over the summer. She is the first woman I have ever done that with.


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  • It really doesn't sound like there is a chance. Sorry hun!
    I would give her some space, the ls thing you want to do is smother her to death all that will do is push her away from you. Maybe in a month or two try contacting her again, and if you decide to contact her again just ask her to coffee or lunch and don't be forward about asking her to date you again.

    • I'm not contacting her anymore. If she wants to get back with me, she can make the first move. I have tried twice. I'm not going to smother her.

  • This honestly is a tough one. I won't tell you to give up but i won't tell you it will be easy. If you want her back, maybe start out as friends. Send her a message or something saying that you are sorry for how things ended between both of you guys but that you would still like to be in her life as a friend. And lets see how it goes from there. If it goes good. Talk to her as a friend dont mention anything about the realtionship or past. Dont pry on her love life. Then of all goes well. Invite her to catch up. If she says yes, be happy be nice etc. Talk about what is going on in her life. dont bring up your relationship. Just be the man thay she fell in love with. And at the end. Tell her how much you enjoyed it and you would like to do it again sometime soon. Dont text her after. Allow her space to text you. And pray that all goes well. BE POSITIVE

    • I can't do the friends thing after a break up. The feelings are too strong for this woman.

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    • It has been 6 weeks for me close to 7. I have decided that if it is meant to be then it is if not the. No

    • That's the only way to look at it. No matter how much it hurts!

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  • Dude!! You really need to man up. There was obviously something that you were doing wrong in the relationship. Maybe the polarity between you both was unbalanced. Search for a guy named Coach Corey Wayne on the net.

    • I have heard of him. I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was just being me. She couldn't handle what I have and was willing to give her. She has abandonment issues and everything else. But through all of her "crazy" I still fell hopelessly in love with her. It's only been a month. Give me a little slack. And no, meaningless hook ups don't work. Just had one 5 days ago and I felt gross afterwards. Thanks for the advice though, brother!

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    • For 3 months we've been broken up. I done all the chasing texting calling etc for the month after. I found that guys work and it seriously changed me. I've gone from a scarcity mindset to a place of abundance. I'm dating 2 women and my life is going for the better. I've not spoken to my ex for 2 months but all of a sudden she reaches out on Christmas day using whatsapp. She must be thinking about me. I asked her when she is free to meet up. I was direct and to the point. She said sometime this week. I asked her when she was available but she never replied and ignored my message. I'm not bothered by it. She is testing me because I acted like a beta male. Weak and needy after we broke up. I would 'like' her back but where I am now my life is good. She maybe might contact me in another week or so. But if she doesn't I've got 2 other women I see.

    • That's because you have moved on dude. It has nothing to do with the alpha/beta make thing. You tried convincing her to stay with you because that's what you wanted. You are in a better place now and I commend you for that! Telling a woman how you feel is not begging or pleading. It's not being a "beta" male.

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