Is it bad to try to call your ex even if you are worried that something bad may have happened to him?

the question above.

just add that in the last moment you hang up.


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  • I did. I was worried that something happened to him after our last conversation (he was drunk and he puking blood). After that he just disappeared for like a week. So yeah I got worried and called him, he didn't pick up for few more days. Then after a week he did and it turned out he was just ignoring me on purpose. I cut him off completely after that, he is dead to me anyways.

    • Sorry to hear that, it happened to me the same but in that case our conversation was through phone and I called for his birthday, after that he disappeared. I didn't notice for a week because I decided to give him space.

      Anyway, thanks for telling me, because it seems that my ex is doing the same as well.

    • Yeah our conversation was on the phone too. It's okay you don't have feel bad, you were just worried and that makes you a good person. But he is not your responsibility anymore.

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  • Your fears are being exaggerated to produce an excuse to call someone. You are honed in on so much thought about someone who may not be thinking about you at all. That scares you that you will lose him indefinitely, but you haven't realized yet you already have lost him.
    An ex is an ex and you need to get to a place of acceptance. your ex is not your concern any longer.
    Your fears are just manifested from an over active mind.
    It is always best to move out of the way from yourself from blocking Gods plan.
    Adversity and changed plans you have forced is just only prolonging the blessings God had planned for you.
    So let go of the past turn the page and prepare yourself for a love that is effortless and endless. Get out of the way. and believe in a blind faith and be grateful.

    • You know, you are right, he is not my problem anymore. It is just that before dating we were friends and... ok, i know I am making up excuses, but when I though in calling him, I was thinking in caring him as a friend, for our friendship.

      Hopefully i hang up at the last minute and the person who answered was his mother. Maybe it will be assumed like any normal wrong number and she won't see it as important to tell him.

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  • Not really, but if yo do it too much, then it could come off as clingy.


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