Girls, What qualities are important to you when you consider dating someone?

Are you focused on looks, personality, sense of humor? My thought is that attraction is important but just a small piece of the puzzle. Thoughts? Thanks for the input :)


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  • I enjoy a guy who is smart and can have an intelligent conversation with me.
    Also, a guy who is family oriented (because I am also)
    I think someone who can act silly with me, yet can be serious also is a good quality to have.
    These are just a few qualities that I focus on in a guy :)


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  • Here it is, I like a man who:

    1. Knows what he wants.
    2. Takes daily actions to get it.
    3. Has values & good morals. (includes honesty)
    4. Easy going & Adventurous (Gets a long with people & and always up for new things)
    5. Loving & Kind
    6. Cute with a nice smile
    7. Modest! (I love when guys blush)
    8. Family orientated
    9. Educated
    10. Active

    I was smiling as I was typing this! :D

  • mutual physical attraction
    how comfortable he makes me feel being myself

  • tall, funny and i feel comfortable/safe with him

  • Personally, It's the apprearance which initially attracts me , but it's his personality which I fall in love with.

    I like a nice smile and nice nice. I prefer a guy who is more of an introvert than an extrovert.

    As regards to his personality I like a guy with a sense of humour reliable , and a good listener. Someone who is interested in what I have to say too. I am attracted to guys who have a certain amount of humility and who share the same values as me.

    • Cool. I am and introvert who spends a lot of time reading and making art. It's nice to have the close relationships with more depth that one seems to get when interacting with and introvert :)

    • I agree! I find that I can build a better rapport with an introvert. They tend to be more loyal In every respect. I love a relationship where we can either lie down cuddling and chatting for hours or just lying in others arms not saying a word, both feeling comfortable with the silence. I love feeling close to someone.

    • 😊😊😊😊😊