Always fighting with my husband! What can I do?

I really want this to work. We have a 5mth old daughter. Things were great until we got married a year and a half ago. He has no friends (anymore), is anti-social and constantly on his phone.

When having a conversation or attempting to ask him to do something I get one word answers. He's been really snippy and short as well at times.

what can I do to lift him up? Make him feel loved and secure? Happy enough to have friends and a life outside of our family?

I love the guy but it is so hard at times.


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  • Unfortunately we cannot change anybody but ourselves. So the outcome is not in our control however it is important to keep easy clean sweet communication at all times. Without blaming or pointing fingers. Come across straight forward just as you are asking us here. This doesn't sound like blaming or negative attacking you have a legit concern for him so keep that strong direct yet compassionate when speaking to him.

    the reason why people get like this is because we are living a life run on self will. Willpower runs out doubt seeks in and dreams seem unobtainable. We are are striving to do everything right and some how feel stuck.
    It is a lack of belief. A belief that life is worth more then what you feel at the moment. If life is crappy today it is only due from attitude from yesterday and past. if you want better for the future changes must be made in our attitude now.
    An attitude of gratitude, look around us and be thankful for everything around you. Life must be examined in perspective. With this attitude and true examination of reality things could be a lot worse. Also things could get and will get better if you simply just believe it will through Faith.

  • You have to find the real reason.

    Most people end up un-happy due too a lack of money or being in debt. They don't always realize this though.

    Find out what he wants, not what he is doing too please you.

    • Money isn't really an issue for us. Not in any significant way anyway. I love your advice though.

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