Finding someone through initials + birth date?

kinda need help from stalkers and creepers on this one. I have an e-mail account which uses my initials and birth date, how easy is it to find someone with just this information? Is it even a concern where I should change the e-mail, or does it really matter in this day and age.


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  • i'm pretty familar with the net and I don't see how someone could find your email with that information if it was say a hotmail account ot gmail .

    if it was part of a network say a college email and it allowed you to search thru the whole schools email list then someone could find you as I've found peoples addresses at my college using there search feature if I say know there name but as for the corporate accounts like hotamil I don't see how they'd find you

    • Yeah, I actually meant finding someone by having their initials and birth date. I would assume there would be to many people with the same initials, but would birth date narrow it down enough? Would it even really matter is what I wonder, can anything dangerous be done with this information.

    • I don't know its very tough to say ,but I doubt anyone would find your email that way or have any use for the information

  • Umm good question I'm a bit curious, with nothing but a first name and location I've been able to find myself though so good chance... I'll try and find my own email with initials hold on lol


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