I want to call him, but I know I can't. Why is so hard?

It has been almost 2 weeks since we broke up. He didn't give me the proper enclosure, he just stopped contacting me and ignored my last calls, so I sent him a final message.

And last week I had the flu and I got totally depressed, I started to miss him, to think about him, specially because Christmas passed.

Yesterday I had (or almost) a relapse: I tried to call to his house, just to know if he and his family was fine, but just when someone answered the phone, I hanged up.

Honestly, I miss him, not because we dated, because before dating he was one of my friends before we dated. Also, the year is ending, and I feel that if I don't call him today, then there won't be another day.

It is so hard for me, because I feel that if I call him I will fall in a bad habit, an endless cycle. Why? how can I feel more calm?


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  • I know it's hard, just give yourself more time. It's good that you feel sad, or else it would mean you never had any happy memories. Trying to get over it is hard, but just think about was he really worth your time and thought if this is how it all ended? I think you should take a break in calling in texting this guy, because now he probably doesn't answer because you contact him a lot.

    • Thanks for your advice, even tough is hard to do it in those moments where one is sad and depressive.

      Before breaking up, I have done what I could to solve our relationship time management, but he didn't show interest in solving them, so he just wanted an excuse to get himself free, I suppose.

    • I won't contact him after a certain time. Of what it is sure is That I won't around Valentine's Day.

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  • Who done the breaking up? If it was him then just think of it as a band aid being ripped off. Its a bit of pain but it not prolonged rather than slowly taking it off which causes more pain. You're both hurt and upset by the whole thing. Its been 1 big massive emotional car crash. Give yourself some time and allow yourself to heal. Trying to sort it now will only drag you through more pain and things would be said that would be regretful. Leave him be for the time being. You will get through this.

    • He just stop contacting me, I stopped contacting him for a week so I couldn't be so clingy, but when I tried to contact him Friday night, he didn't answer, the next day i sent him a message and I tried to contact him two times, and after that, I sent a final message, which he hasn't answered me yet.

  • You must really really like him🙂



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  • I have been there it's the worst feeling. For me the feeling never went away. we talk on and off but i still like him and I'm still crazy about him. Just contact him


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