Why are my ex and flirting? Yes, this is a serious question?

It's grinding my gears now. We split up 8 months ago, practically hated each other and I was sure it was done.

Until recently we've been texting back and forth. About silly things usually. But it always turns to flirting.

The flirting turns to naughty pictures and the naughty pictures turn to late night calls at times.

We have both admitted that we're only flirting with each other and that we've each not been with anyone since we split. I'm also still a virgin for the record.

I dont get why we keep doing it though. He's keeping it purely physical it seems, but it's reminding me of the feelings I had for him.

Honestly, why are we doing this?
  • You still like each other
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  • Comfortable with each other
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  • Maybe he wants to build on the flirting thing to something better
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  • He isn't attracted to you anymore
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  • Because you're kinda dumb and don't know how to move on. Ego boost. Validation feels good. He's most likely just looking for sex.

    • Well he says he's not using me for these things... and he is a nice guy despite our break up. Did you not read the part that says I'm still a virgin? If I didn't sleep with him in a year and a half relationship I'm hardly gonna do it now.

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    • In my opinion it's always questionable to get back with an ex since all those unresolved issues might resurface, though.

    • I know, you're right. It is questionable. Especially if I didn't deal with the issues. It would be a disaster all over again.

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