Is Sex With An Ex You've Never Had Sex With Ok?

Me & my ex went out for 2 years & 6 months. For a various number of reasons we never had sex. It has been close to 4 years since we have communicated but recently she has reached out to me & we have slowly started being friends again. To this day she has only slept with one person: the guy after me. She is single & i'm supposed to hang out with her in a few weeks so the sex discussion has come up a few times. She could have sex with any one of at least 20 guys but she said the reason she dosen't is because she only wants to have sex with people she is confortable with, hence why she has only had sex with her ex. So just the fact that she is even THINKING about sex with me means she still trusts me after all this time. We both know exactly what the sex would be because she still gives guys a chance the same as i give girls a chance.

Is having sex with an ex you've never had sex with a good thing?


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  • I say go for it but use protection. Who knows what that guy could have gave her.


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