What are signs someone doesn't like you?

What is a sign someone doesn't like you?


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What Girls Said 1

  • When a person purposely walks up to you, has that concentration look then turns around and farts one heck of a smelly one as he or she is walking away.

    When a person steals your wallet and then maxes out the credit card by buying a bunch of gay pornographic DVDs and then sends it to your mother's house with a note in the package saying, "Your husband has chosen me over you, I no longer need these."

    When a person steals your car, takes it apart completely and sends each individual piece back to you but in a way that it can never be used again. For example, melted, dented, disfigured, burnt, crushed, incinerated, etc.

    When a person spends his or her entire life driving you to insanity because of the loss of any or all of the following: marriage, promotion, happiness, wealth, love, sex drive, etc.

    When a person does a bunch of illegal activity using your social security number, identification and photos of you then sends all the evidence to your local police station.

    When a person wakes up each and every morning and walks over to your house just to urinate in your pool and/or takes a sh*t on your front door step.


What Guys Said 1

  • the posture of a person says a lot. the conversation says a lot.


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