I resent my sons fathers new girlfriend.. Need advice plz?

I need to vent this because I can't anywhere else. This is a long story but in short.. Me and my ex partner have a son together he is now 8..
My sons dad and I split when he was 3 because I was very unhappy. My son wasn't planned and we were young. During my pregnancy my ex wasn't supportive he never wanted to go out, didn't work and missed appointments with the midwife due to over sleeping - these are just some examples.. There was little intimacy and I was very lonely at times. Things only got worse when our son was born and he would rarely contribute to his upbringing and nightly feeds etc.. He has always been inconsistent and preferred to be with his friends than with us. He never wanted to socialise with my friends and family and I felt trapped and very unhappy. When I ended it I felt great. I even met someone new who cared about me however my ex couldn't handle this and he became quite obsessed. He actually stalked me for a short time and I had to get the police involved.. Awful 😔
anyway the relationship between him and my son has always been rocky however over the past 2 years it has significantly improved and he was seeing him regularly. I have always encouraged this as I know it's important..

6 months ago my ex met someone and moved in with her. Since then he has been less attentive towards my son.. He no longer spends quality time with him without her being there and my son doesn't want to go because his dad doesn't play and is strict with him.
My son likes the new girlfriend however I have started to resent her as my ex hasn't paid maintenance fir 4 months however is always treating her to new things and trips out. They are currently away as we speak and he hasn't bothered to wish my son happy new year. He just doesn't care.. I resent her and I hate him.. I don't know how to handle this it's driving me mad because I feel my son should have a relationship with his dad but his dad doesn't really care
please advise or share y


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