How to get over a heart ache?

I'm so saaaad!! This guy suddenly cut me off.
How do I get over this? Any tips?
It's the worse because he didn't even give me closer. Just stopped responding to my texts all together.


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  • Here is the thing. There is no such thing as closure. Even if he gave you a reason why he stopped texting, you will still have 100s of questions. Nothing helps really. Just living your life one day at a time until it doesn't hurt anymore. I have been feeling like this for over a month and it sucks every day.

    • Waaah I just want to cuddle with someone!! :'( I feel so lonely and sad. I need to cuddle

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    • Do you have kik?

    • I do. Jimbo859

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  • Just do what I am doing watch a tv show!! go to sleep! And ignore and close the door! And I am going back under the cover until the world look pretty nice! (: If you were here we could watch heartbreaker ! haha! Its funny and romantic! (:


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  • Just try to focus on things which you like most & put your all efforts on that.
    And also go for the things to improve in yourself for which your boyfriend use to poke you. I think this will help you out.


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  • The best way to get over it is realise its over and he's not interested. Don't waste anymore precious energy on him, don't even think about him. Just move on and be happy, life is too short to be sad over someone who doesn't care.


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