Did My Girlfriend leave me for her ex?

she broke up with me
she said it was because she wasn't ready for a relationship
we've been dating for a month

then the next day on her instagram she had pictures with her ex?
she was with him on new years she recorded the countdown with him and the took selfies at mc donalds with him

does this mean she got back together with him?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • there's not certainty, but since she's no longer with you, she feels that she can hang out with past boyfriends freely.

    • i really hope thats it.. i have trust issues

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  • She was just trying to make him jealous by using you...

    beware women

    • I agree with this, especially if she was young

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    • well... i feel like crap.. that was the first time i ever had a 'real' relationship

    • looking for a relationship is like looking for the noose

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