Slow fade with ex? Ignoring his messages?

He swore that he was going to change and make time for me. He said he wanted us to be the couple that everyone was jealous of and he wanted to love me better. So I decided to take things slow and to try friendship until I could see how serious he was.

Now he's back to his lying, playing victim and horrible communication. I think he'should emotionally unavailable and had his own issues to work through.

Can I just cut him off by ignoring his messages?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You want to break it off completely with him? If so, you need to meet him for coffee and explain to him why you aren't going to see him anymore.

    If you don't, he will continue to pester you. When you cut him off, block him on all social media and if you have an iPhone, block his number in it.

    Just ignoring his messages is mean and childish. Be an adult and do it in person. Not text or on the phone. Good luck!

    • I haven't seen him since we broke up 2 months ago. I'm not really ready to see him. Would a phone call suffice?

    • I think you should do it in person. That's just me though.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I mean, you can just cut him off by ignoring his messages, BUT it's not the best way.

    You said he has horrible communication, so if you just cut him off by ignoring him, you're doing the exact same thing... you're just not communicating with him.

    I'm sure he has plenty of faults, but I think it's best to tell him, straight up, why you don't see anything further with him. Tell him he's back to his old habits by lying, horrible communication, etc., and that's not who you want to be with.

    • This 👍👍

    • What if I just don't text him until he does first? And then tell him?

    • Why prolong it though? If you don't want anything with him anymore, just get it done and over with now, instead of waiting for him to contact you & then telling him.

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What Guys Said 2

  • As per me you should give him a chance, Because if he keep on lying with you then there must be some reason that he might not able to share with you, so i suggest you to find out that reason without knowing him & try to understand the same.

    • I'm sure there's so psychological problems boiling beneath the surface. He's so secretive and he's always playing the victim. I'm not a psychologist to help him and I'm tired of crap to be honest.

  • you probably should cut him off. but just to note for future reference if a guy likes you and you know it dont try to be just friends at first just date.

    • I didn't want the same problems to happen again. I wanted to see if he had actually changed. It wasn't completely friendship because we used to flirt and stuff.

What Girls Said 2

  • You can, but that won't stop him from bombarding your phone, or email etc. I would just tell him you're done, and to not contact you, people won't change unless they want to themselves first.

  • Yes please ignore him heartlessly he will only hurt you


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