What makes a person's feelings change?

With time?
like what things make ur heart change?
And how do u know its not going to come back?

like take this young couple... 30 years old now... Got together at 21... have always had bad fights... He broke up with her once but then he went back... Not sure why he did that...
was it cos he still loved her and couldn't stand the thought of her not being in his life anymore?

is he truly in love with her but still has fights with her which drive him crazy?

can constant fighting kill feelings of love?

how can people go from being in love to not feeling anything towards them later?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I've heard a woman falls in love slowly & can fall out of love slowly over time. And people change, feelings change, grow out of each other etc. Doesn't give me much confidence tbh.

  • 9 years together of course he loves her


What Girls Said 1

  • Love is quite fragile, and can be damaged and destroyed over time. Resentment builds, basically feelings change over time, and reinforce ment of poisitive or negative experiences. Also people change in general through life experiences


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