Is that really my fault?

The story starts like this. My boyfriend went to study in Nz and before he is gone, i promised him that i will not flirt with any boy, and he also promised that he will not flirt with any girl and will sleep early (he always sleeps late). A week after he's gone, he sent messages in the group chst which involve our mutual friends and said that the Nz girls are hot. Then, he told me that he had a crush on a girl and broke up with me... Saying that the girl is so much better than me... I was jealous and pissed and extremely sad that i sent sarcastic messages in the group chat. After that, we fought. He said that i was childish thats why i send cold messages, and our mutual friends said that i controlled his life by telling him to sleep earlier and so on. But i told to sleep earlier because i didn't want him to fall sick and most importantly his studies are not good at all, i mean, he yawns in class everyday and can't focus. My mutual friends have no relationship experience before... i dont know if their judgments are accurate.. For him, well i cried a lot, a lot, but he didn't care...
Actually... Is that really my fault for being sarcastic and "controlling" his life? Guys be honest alright...
And... If a boy can give up on a girl within one week, does it mean that the boy didn't TRULY love the girl from the bottom of his heart?


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What Guys Said 1

  • what happened wasn't your fault, it was just disrespect. you've been nice to him, not controlling him. and your friends should be there for you, not just blaming you for what a happened. It seems that you loved him so much, and he didn't notice that.
    don’t let anyone’s ignorance, drama stop you from being the best you can be. keep doing what you know in your heart is right, for YOU.

    Good luck...

    • Thank you so much :') i loved him so much and just wanted to care for him... I didn't meant to be his annoyance sigh

    • don't worry about him or about what happened, cuz it's time to take care of yourself. taking good care of yourself is paramount to the success of your recovery process.
      don’t be scared to walk alone, and push yourself to be better than before.

What Girls Said 1

  • Nothing will make a man stop loving you, wanting you or respecting you quicker than trying to take control over him. But that being said, suggesting he go to bed early isn't really being controlling, that's just giving advice. No one but you and him really know if you were trying to control him or not. If he was saying those hurtful things to you, he was a jerk anyway. Let him go and find a guy who will treat you right.


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