How to know if the break up is real this time?

We broke up 2 weeks before thanksgiveing becuase of my PMS isue. I reached out to him a few days before Thanksgiving, he said i am invited to go to his faimly for Thanksgiving. everyting pretty good since. holiday gifts, dinners, Christmas plans with his family.

last night, again, we have been spenting prob. much too much time together. my 6 yr. old son got really whiny again... but still hung out the whole day. he had to go to NYears dinner with family (he inivted me on Tuesday, i prepared evryging and arrageneed babysitting). yesterday he said i shouldnt' go. i got really upset.

he left, i said i will drop my kids off and come over. he called and said its not working out and said all the negative stuff about me, but doenst seem like he wants to end everying. (i didn't cry or scream but it did get me to be on a more defensive side so i said things too) at the end i went over, he wouldn't let me in and told me to go home.
i am very sad



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  • Tough call and very hard place to be in ! Only you can decide. But why be nice a few days ago and then turns on you. Not good for your kids either. My advise tell him to stay away ! It's not good for your mind. Stay strong my friend

    • the relationship is up and down due to our past. we are both kinda jaded and seem to have trust, jealousy issues... but we both talked and try to make things better. help ea. therm support ea. other emotionally... etc...

      he is very good to my children in many ways and to me as well... so my pms brings out my insecurity and his has his issues that also contribute to it... thats why i am not sure if he ws angry to call it quits or it sounds like ending for real.

    • Well fair enough it's tough place to be. Give him some space for aweek or two then ask him out straight were it's going. You both seem to have small issues but nothing serious. He won't want to throw it away and def not miss out with children ! So there's hope yet give it a breather now then try discuss your issues when the dust settles

  • Forget it. Life goes on. Don't sad for anything. If do you want to talk, send me a message. Because, I'm sad to me.


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  • If it's not real this time, it will be real in 2 weeks, 3 months etc. Why would you want someone who doesn't want to be with you and is negative towards you. There are obviously issues he's not happy with. I think you should go no contact on him and find somebody else. By the way birth control implanon helped with my pmt I no longer have it.

    • i agree with you about issues not happy with. we talked about there are no perfect couples. and we want to support ea. other emotionally. we have had bad past relationships and both are guarded to give.
      i just don't agree to just let go of any relationships and find another guy, then another then another. i believe in long term and try to work things out. thats why the question if he just needed space. he said its like a marriage and i want to get marry again, which is not true. because he brings up marrage more than i. the only time i mentioned was when my kids says it that we should get marry.

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    • i have obviously shared with you the hurt. there are a lot of good to it as well. we have lots of fun together, going out. doing things. talking, him cooking for me and taking good care of me and my children. i never got that from my ex. husband.
      i dont, because a lot of the men in this area are not ideal... its like a huge sex exchange city. its so easy to go from one partner to another... you see the same people on dating site year after year... sigh

    • I know, I understand it's very difficult. I hope that it works out for the best for you xxx

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