Please help I need advice!! ?

i told my old fling that i was planning on breaking up with my boyfriend. i didn't give any information but i still told him... the thing is, i dont want to be with my old fling cuz i deserve better, yet i told him anyways. he and i have always had really good conversations, and he and i have always been really honest with each other so i brought up that i dont think my boyfriend is right for me. when he asked me why i said its probably best if i kept that to myself and he understood, but i still feel weird about it. the thing is, when he was thinking of breaking up with his ex (aorund the time we met), i was giving him advice and we'd talk about it and stuff.
its probably becasue everyone i know thinks he's terrible for me and want me to remove him from my life 100% which i do, but i also want him to be jealous or whatever about me and my life just to spite him. i also wanted to tell him to see if he'd make a move now cuz i wanna reject him reallly bad hahahaha. i know its petty but he deserves it. was i wrong for mentioning it to him? its not like i confided in him. i stopped myself before i could do that and didn't say much of anything aside form i dont think he's right for me. what do you think? please dont be mean or anything.


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  • Please don't be mean...

    Your petty and immature.

    You need to grow up before starting another relationship

    • i never said i wanted a new relationship. dont be so judgmental

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  • I think you should just distance yourself now and forget about him

    • so i broke up with my boyfriend. not cuz of the other guy, but because of our communication and i wasn't as attracted to him as i woudl have liked. i spoke to the other guy and asked if he wanted to get togehter when he's home from school and he said yes. so now i have to decide if im ready to hookup with him or not. were both teetering around it and know that if we see each other thats whats going to happen. like the fact that he still wants to see me after a year of not seeing each other is evident of how attracted we are too each other and how its been a long time coming. what do you think? im not into him emotionally but physically yes mam!

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