How is it that you deal with break ups?

How is it that you deal with break ups?



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  • 1) Come to a mutual understanding about the situation.

    - When I was younger, there were multiple relationships were a breakup was just something to do. There were always lingering feelings and ways to snake back into those gooey feelings. If we're done, we're done. Period.

    2) Stop contacting for 2-3 weeks to seal off any "I'm lonely" feelings.

    - Immediately following a recent breakup, a majority of individuals think that other people may not be interested in who they are. I was there, and I laugh at myself for thinking that way even now, because I know otherwise. Truth -> There are other people in this world, show them who they are so they have an opportunity to "have an interest" in you.

    3) Indeed move on - Get another relationship / etc

    - Don't repeat the juvenile ways of living life. If you want to move on- do it. Don't push your heart into an area that says "I hate him" on the outside- with "i love him" on the inside... Meaning- Move on if you want to. If you don't want to move on- don't breakup to begin with.

    4) Resume civil conversations if necessary.

    - If you work with the person, don't throw them glares. We're more mature than that now. Though there are some individuals that deserve those glares- I won't name which, it's not my place.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Very well said, I too agree.

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  • I keep myself busy by going out with friends, hanging out, and not letting myself fall into isolation.

  • How I do it:

    1. I accept my emotions, and realize that I have lost.

    2. I enter into grief, and grieve my loss. This can take some time.

    3. I admit to myself that this person is not everyone else, and understand that it is okay to love others.

    4. I accept my emotions and realize that I have grown beyond this pain.

    5. I accept myself and am healed.

    • Great feedback. I agree.

  • Get drunk.


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