My ex says she wants to talk, even suggests when to talk, but doesn't follow through?

I dated this woman for 3 months. She broke things off with me, but didn't seem to really want it to end. I asked her on multiple occasions to talk, and she has even suggested it. Just today I sent her a text and she said she's been thinking of me. I asked her again if she would like to talk. She said she would, but asked me about Wednesday coming up (today is Saturday). I made a suggestion for her to come here, or we could go to dinner, but she became unresponsive. I don't want to nag her, and stopped chasing her hard, which i only did for a week. I'm worried she will cancel again, or how I can even get her full commitment to meeting without being a pain in the ass. We had a great relationship leading up to things ending, so I'm not really sure what's up. If it matters, she is 40 and I'm 33. We both have kids. If she cancels again I think I need to move on, but at this point I'm getting aggravated with her flakiness. Why does she do this? What's the point? Why say she misses me and wants to talk with zero follow through? I would stay if she put forth the effort.


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  • I think you should forget her, you deserve to be with someone who is actually interested in you. It shouldn't be this difficult in the beginning


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