Ex boyfriend didn't return my stuff and told me he is not looking for someone new?

We broke up 2 weeks ago while I was away. He volunteer to pick me up from airport today. We've been cuddling and talking about my trip when we got home.

He he said oh I forgot to bring your stuff I will bring it next time. Then he kissed my lips and I asked what's his status as I don't wanna be some ex girlfriend who is lurking around someone's new relationship.

He he said he is not seein anyone and he is not looking for anyone new. He wants to sort out his issue first. I agree with him then I said to him we broke up we still doing all these kissing and cuddling is not what I normally do. Only because I'm not with anyone and you are special to me but we must control ourself cos I don't want us to become friends with benefit. He said that's not what he wants. I said we should take it slow. He goes of course he said lets take the temptation away and let me drive you somewhere. He drop me off at shopping center and he head home.

He he said he will see me very soon. Does he still have feelings for me?


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  • It sounds like he still cares about you but needs to work on some issues alone. If I were you it sounds like frustration city and I would wish him well but I wouldn't hang around

    • I guess thats why he broke up with me as I was going to break up with him once befor ebut I didn't go through wtih it.

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    • Exactly! You sound like a smart chick. I hope it works out for you xx

    • Thanks I try to learn and grow from my own experience, often get confused though haha

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