Heartbroken. What do I do?

I was dating this guy I met on okcupid for a month. We hit it off right away! We had so much in common and everything was just easy and flowed. The end of that month I felt something was off, I asked him and he told me him and his ex were gonna take another shot at things. It came out of nowhere. I was shocked and heartbroken cause everything was going so well and as far as I knew they were just exes that kept in touch. Part of me believes that she found out about us and it hurt her. Anywho I cut contact with him. He contacted me a week later telling me he thinks he made the wrong choice and it's not the same with her and he misses me so much. He said he needs to stop listening to his brain and follow his heart cause it's just not the same. But for some reason he just dosent want to leave her. He said he loves and cares about her but it's just not the same.( they dated for 2.5 years prior). I asked him why he was with her and he said she's been there through tough times and he didn't want to lose her as a friend, he said he knew it was for the wrong reasons. He said he felt like an idiot for throwing away what we had before getting back with her. This has went on for a month. I told him he needs to stop doing this to me cause after we speak and he tells me all these things I feel heartbroken again. He asked me to block him cAuse he knows he'll do it again cause he kisses me like hell. I haven't blocked him but it's been over a week which is the longest we've gone without talking. I know it's for the best till he decides what he wants but I'm in so much pain. I don't know what to do. Please help I miss him so much:(


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  • You're going to have to be strong here, and begin to move on for yourself. If and when he comes to terms with his relationship with his ex, then you can re-visit your feelings for him Remember that it may have appeared to have come out of nowhere to you, but in reality, this relationship has a lot of history.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you for the advice. I obviously can't compete with a girl he's been with for two plus years. But don't you think it's off to a bad start if he's already sneaking around talking to me and telling me all these things?

    • Yes. And when I say yes, I mean bad for both of you. He's right about you're having to block him. He needs to work on either cementing his relationship, or ending it. You need to be away from him, so that he can do this work, and to protect yourself from any stupidity he may commit while he's doing this. Men sometimes get caught up in the conflict where there want it all, but no one can have it all. Unfortunately people get permanently hurt in the process. Stay away from him and block him as he requested. It's better for both of you that way.

  • Start dating men, guys will only let you down.
    The human heart has a need to belong and to feel connected to someone or something (like donuts/chocolate) when we feel lonely.

    Find another addiction, like going to the gym and watching yourself transform into a woman.

    As for the child... guy... dont you think its a blessing the charade ended now then 15 years down the road?

    If you want to instantly feel good, go outside and lay in the sun and think about how great it is to be free to find the "Right Man".


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