What is going on?

I've been dating this girl for about 4 months. Everything has been going very well. We just came back from a trip together. A few days after the trip, she drove up to my hometown to stay with my family and me. The next day, I headed to her hometown for a Christmas dinner. Her entire family was there (around 20 family members). It went very well. Her family also bought me some presents too.

Three days later we went out for NYE. I took her out to a nice restaurant and then we went to a party (we slept together right before the party). But the very next morning, she asks for a break with me. This came out of nowhere. My friend who was out with us on NYE said that was the last thing he thought he would hear. She couldn't give me a real explanation. First she said she couldn't see herself marrying me. Then she said it was because I wanted kids when I'm older (like 4 years older). She wanted to get married sooner and have kids sooner. Then she said she shouldn't have rushed into this relationship because she came out of a LTR 3 months prior. Her ex has 3 kids (none are hers).

She said she wants a few days to get herself together. She came over to grab one of her things (but still left her key to her house), gave me a very sad hug and said she would text me. She hasn't texted me yet and it's been a day. She also still has me on her facebook profile picture. SO what do you think is going on? Also what should I do? Do I give her a few days? Do I just move on?

All of this happened within a week. My family and friends are shocked on how out of the blue this is. She was planing a trip with my other family members in spring 3 days prior to this. Also she liked one of my posts on FB yesterday too


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  • Hmmmm it sounds to me like she's manipulating you into doing what she wants, in other words this is a test to see how into her you are. She wants things to move faster, I think if I were you I'd have a Frank talk with her, because you can't just kind of break up with someone and leave them hanging like that

    • So it's been like 5 days since she asked for space. We haven't talked in 3. She changed her profile pic to just her... Do you suggest I text her tomorrow, asking if she wants to meet so we can talk?

    • Yes why not, if she blows you off I'd give up on her to be honest it's not very respectful of her

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  • You have to ask yourself this question. Do you love this woman? If so, then give her the time she needs. Do not sit around and wait for her text. Keep doing the things you normally do.

    If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. Women are very complex creatures man. They are so confusing to us as men. No sense in trying to understand them.

  • first of all you need to keep this in mind that you didn't do any thing wrong i mean its not your mistake.
    from what i read i believe that she wasn't looking for any thing serious out of this but she was just trying to forget her ex or something like that.. so i think the reason she did what she did coz she didn't want to hurt you any more by getting more attached to her.. thats why she kept her keys..
    i think i you should give her some time but not that long just a week or so and then try to text her or even better go to her place since you have the keys and try to understand what is really going on only then you will know where to go from there


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