How to end this so it won't hurt me?

I met this guy on tinder and we've been seeing each other for almost a year. During this time I have helped him a lot financially. I have strong feelings for him I think I could use the L- word, he was also my first. Recently he has been hanging out with his ex and has assured me that he is just being civil and that he would never get back with her. They've gone for drinks and he even post a picture of him carrying her dog. He says he does want to put a title to us. I want to end this because it's hurting me and I can't take it anymore. My question is how can I end this without hurting me? Also how do I tell him to pay me back without sounding like a bitch? At the end I know that I meant nothing to him.


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  • You aren't a bitch for wanting him to pay you back. Unfortunately he sounds like a low life user. I'm sorry, this will hurt either way, but he will hurt you much much more if you stay with him and put up with his Shit. You deserve better


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  • you've the right to ask your money back. not cuz you're a bitch for wanting him to pay you back as you said, but cuz that's your money and you need it more than him.
    if you knew that you meant nothing to him, then why do care about thoughts?
    just get rid of what makes you uncomfortable in your life.


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