Guys, Did he ever really like me or could an Alcoholic truly love?

I met a great guy a couple months ago. I met him on a dating site. We talked for over a week before we met. It was great. We would talk for hours. He liked that I talked on the phone versus texting back and forth. We found out we had a lot of simliar interests. We finally met, and our first date was probably the best date I have ever had. I met his 21 year old son and 15 year old daughter later. We all got along so well. They met my parents at Thanksgiving. They really liked him and his daughter. He even said he wished he had met me 20 years ago. Everything was going wonderfully, however, I didn't know he had a drinking problem. He almost never took me out but 3 total times that we were dating. He always had me come to his house. The only thing we did was listen to music and drink and watch football. I complained about this, and he took it defensively, and from there on did not show affection or love towards me hardly at all. He is still mourning his wife of leaving him, but that was 3 years ago. I told him maybe that he wasn't ready because he got drunk and always listened to sappy leaving me songs. The phone calls slowed down, and hardly any texts during the day like before. I thought he was also talking to other women. I ended it once, then went back. It seemed worse. So now, we are over, and he is already on the dating site again. I have to see him next week to exhange our things that we each have. I have not felt like this about a man in a very long time, and now I am heart-broken. I feel that it all was for nothing, and that he really didn't like me that much. He did call me beautiful and babe or dear. He did do a lot of romantic things in the beginning. However, he said he didn't like to be lectured. All I wanted was for him to take me out on dates versus sitting at the house drinking. I am not a big drinker.


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  • Sounds like he have few personal issues resolved. It up to him. Your luckier than me. I did not know my girlfriend was one. Was advised to drop her long ago. Long story short. She better but I don't know. I've should have listened long ago. Now I'm dealing with side effects from her drinking problems that can't be fix.


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