What would you think of me as your ex? Was I in the wrong for my reaction?

I acted crazy. Like wild crazy bitch crazy, bipolar. My friends cussed him out. And he's gotten extra drama. He says I created drama when the break up should've been simple. But, he gave me no closure or real explanation and was completely disrespectful when dumping me. Was I in the wrong?


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  • I guess to give you an honest opinion. How did the break up happen? I mean there is no such thing as a good break up way but if he didn't over the phone or text he's an ass.

    • We'd had sex and then he was acting distant before and after then dumped me right after sex. Saying he was scared, doesn't want a relationship, can't be cheated on again etc. then he refused to talk to other girls for a long time from what I heard

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    • And he did it over text. I told myself that repeatedly I was used. I don't know why but I feel like he didn't use me. It's just more complex than that. Am I crazy to think that?

    • I mean there is a possibility that he didn't. But it all sounds like he did. I mean unless after you broke up you had access to his phone and see if he wasn't talking to girls or not. But I think he did.

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  • Well honestly yes, at least you can admit you were "crazy" though, but no one HAS to give closure and you can't make someone do that either unfortunately.

    • do you think time would fix this one?

    • I read your opinion below and he was an ass for dumping you right after sex- so I don't blame you for giving him a piece of your mind. Only time will tell but I wouldn't want him back anyway

    • Yup we had a long conversation. And I realized that he was an ass, infatuation makes people dumb as fuck. But Thanks!

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  • One of the things I've learned throughout time is that u gotta live free not depending if he or she is gonna take u back... fuck it let it be, it is what it is

  • I would say you were wrong. I understand your passion, but you could have gone a more civilized route.

    • Yeah we went over everything, all in a civilized manner. Thank you

  • I'd dump a girl if she hung out with cussing friends and was extremely bitchy. I'd lose all respect instantly if your friends started getting into it with me.

    • I mean my best friend just told him he is a narcissist. But I did do some really petty shit I guess. I did apologize, but I don't know if he would ever even think of coming back.

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