How do I show him that I really do care?

Okay so my best friend Mike died about 7 months ago. And before he died I never talked about him with my boyfriend. Well after he died, I finally told my boyfriend about my past with Mike. We dated here and there, and I was completely in love with him. But Mike treated me like I was the backup girl and I got sick of it so I let him go, even though I still loved him and I still do, some part of me does at least. Anyway it has been 7 months and I'm finally getting over the fact that he's gone and will no longer be a part of my future. My boyfriend is the kind of guy that ignores everything when it comes to confrontation about Mike. When Mike died, he told me that 'he'd never live up to Mike' in my eyes and that hurt me because I love him. I really do love my boyfriend. But what can I say or do to really show him? I've been a terrible girlfriend for the past 7 months while I've been figuring things out. I haven't had hardly any sex with him and I haven't been emotionally connected. I sort of pushed him away, but I don't want to do that. I just don't know how to handle this. Any suggestions?


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  • Let's do this in the practical and mature way. =)

    Let your boyfriend name be John.

    "John, it is not that I want you to be like Mike. No. I want you to be yourself. Certainly there are some things that Mike has that is better than you. But you also have certain things that are better than Mike, such as .

    I never have any intention to insult or degrade you by comparing you to Mike. I even have no intention to compare you to Mike. Really. I assure you. And for the proof.. I love you "

    That's just the simplified version of what I have in mind, projecting myself into an imagination world.

    Hope this helps. =)




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