Would you get back in a relationship with an ex who left the first time because of the long distance?

Guy meets girl online and was aware she was far away. He pursued over the next 6 months and there is obvious chemistry. The couple met several times. On the last visit he told her he was in love with her at the airport. Days later he becomes very distant and broke up via text. Four months later, guy meets the same girl on another dating site and is trying to get back with her. What would you do if you were in her shoes?


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  • no, I wouldn't get back with him. That's just me... my personal opinion. But if you like him and wanna b with him then try it out 1 more time if it don't work then... then jus leave it alone

  • I would stay off the dating site for a while. Personally, I would not take him back. If he really did want you back why did he wait four months and on top of that waited till he ran into on another dating site. This should tell you something. He wasn't on the dating site for you honey. You just happened to be there. Let me remind you that it was a DATING SITE.


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