Guys, will I hear from my now ex after what happened? Please talk some sense into me from guys view?

My biggest concern was he never asked me to come around his place - spoke directly, let him know how it made me feel, hinted, helped to plan a move out do - to do it slowly... nothing, just once when his lady landlord went on a break to travel I managed to look into how my dear darling lives. Last night, after few month of being suspicious I went on his landlord fb and looked up few pics that indicated he and she were closer than the houseware, pics were few years old and he has been living in the house for few years. He swore there was nothing going on between them and nothing ever happened (he even falsely accused me of cheating on him with my housemate - which wasn't true - his blind jealousy; I was accused of this a couple more time). When I called him up and asked to explain he denied at first, and kept asking on where I found these - I confessed about going on her fb page and explained that since it has been bothering me so much and he has been ignoring this all the time... I just did that. Then he confessed as well referring how complicated that was that they broke it off few years ago... and he has been mentally unstable and couldn't move out and was extremely embarrassed to tell me the whole truth. I was being lies about his past relationships all these months we have been seeing each other. Apparently she moved over here with him and has known him for 16 years and let him stay at her house after they broke up since his condition was discovered. They haven't been living together as a couple, it is just he forgot to mentioned they used to be one and was dishonest about this all this time. I blew up and asked him to introduce me to his housemate as his girlfriend asap, he gave it 5 min thought and his housemate blew up since she didn't know he was seeing someone. I ended up getting all the info from her by faking to her, all end up in a big mess. He told me he hated me for contacting her and never wanted to do anything ever again with me. shithouse. heartbroken


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  • Ok what you did is obviously right since that is what a women would do, but why did you do it? Because you don't like nobody laughing in your face? Or because you really loved/liked him? Whichever one it is he is gonna be upset no matter what cuz you discovered him but, whichever answer is yours you need to know if you love em he ain't the one and let it go as much as it hurts, don't let it bother u

    • I did it because I wanted the truth and to know what I have been dealing with or up against all this time. I wanted a closure to my nightmares and gut feelings that there was something serious he was trying to cove up. I also did it out of fear that I might have ruined someones marriage or long term relationship, as I was in the position of being lied to by a cheating boyfriend before and the girl who started seeing my ex when he was still with me didn't know he lied to her as well. I wanted my honest name back as I am not a homebreaker by choice!!! But sometime this choice maybe made for you by a dishonest partner who you trust. After all since the truth come to light I wanted to hear from his housemate - she did say that there was no romantic relations between them and that she wanted hi out of her house. He has been making attempts to move out, but he has a mental health condition that I am not aware off. This condition made his move impossible at the time he explained. Big mess

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    • No worries i got my own problem myself i always like to see and see what i could learn u know thanks and see ya

    • Thanks for mho 😛

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