How do I stop thinking about this girl who's been causing me pain for over a year?

So almost exaclty a year ago now, I started dating my first love. It only lasted 2 months though and we broke it off. It has been 10 months since we broke up, and it still causes me pain. I learned today that she now has a boyfriend which I have mixed feelings about, but I am legitamaly happy for her and I want her to be happy (when she told me, I was nice and very supportive). But I also have this problem where I second guess what people say, and I am second guessing wheather my X actually said she has a boyfriend or not lol. So that has caused added stress as of late. I know deep down that I need to get past her, but its just so hard. I love everything about her from the way she moved her lips when she talks, to the way she stands when she talks, just lots little things, but of course I also miss the times when we would hang out.
Anyway, does anyone have any tips on how to get past this?
I have been seeking out other girls latley thinking that would help me forget about her, but nothing works out.

Thank you so much


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  • Erase her from your life, and think that he has good things as much a bad ones.

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