Why has he gone weird on me 😕?

I've know this guy for about 3 months now and we were getting on great until I stayed with him and became dizzy while we were out and when we got to the hotel I felt so ill that I had a chill from the cold weather and I think it's due too an eating disorder, but at the time he sort of knew but didn't, I think I worried him that night as he kept going on about it the next day trying to think what it might had been as he said I was so unwell and not making sense at all. And then today I admitted that I might have an eating problem that's why I got ill and he was like we are gonna have to go on a break as relationships are stressful & I was worried about you that night, which I told him not too be. But he said I need to go to the doctors and get some help for it. & then carry on dating where we left off, but why a break? Breaks mean over right? & taking a step back means out of sight out of mind? Or in the near future means months or years. So where do I stand? I told him to be honest and he said that was the honest truth it was my health he was worried about and that he still wants to talk too me and see me but as friends for now. But he seems to be talking too me diffidently now though like it's awkward and no kisses after he says goodnight just odd things like that and not calling me babe and taking longer to text back than he would usually. He told me he likes me and likes my company and talking and stuff but why do I feel like he has lost interest. I know he said he doesn't need the stress as he said that night I got ill stressed him too much. But that wasn't my fault and that was one night... Where do I go from here? Shall I just wait for him to do the running? How do I know he is still interested in me? Also he works as a doctor. & the day he drove me home he made an excuse saying he had family coming round that's why he dropped me home without going anywhere. & then he admitted that he got divorced recently like a year ago, so whys he admitting that now? Is it cause he know this is over now and nothing to lose? Or is he just being upfront? I feel like a fool, any advice would be lovely and thank you


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  • From my experience, most guys don't like drama and complications. And for a guy who just got divorced, even more so. Divorce is an extremely stressful experience, add to that his job as a doctor and I wouldn't blame him for not wanting any more stress in his life. I think he did the right thing, by being upfront to you and telling you how it is. And I agree with him, that you need to seek help to sort out your eating disorder problem.

    I'm sorry I think this guy just means exactly what he is saying. He seems like a good guy, not to lead you on. However, I think since you are still obviously invested in him, it might not be the best idea to remain friends with him. It would just be awkward a and likely lead to hurt feelings, because of an imbalance of expectations between you two.

    I would take a break like he suggested, cut all contact, work on my eating disorder, and get in touch with him, when you are more ready for a relationship. If he is not seeing anyone at the time (or you don't find someone in the meantime,) there is a chance you could pick it up again in the future. But the timing is just not right at the moment.

    If there is anything I have learnt from my dating adventures, it's that timing is very crucial in making a relationship work.

  • I think he's backing off and trying not to hurt your feelings. Sorry I don't think he's interested anymore. I say dont wait around for him and keep meeting other people.


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